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Quarterly Board Meeting

Posted about 6 years ago by Laurie Whorley

Please take a moment to review the recent board meeting
- We appreciate any feedback!

Laurie Whorley-Secretary

MMNP Quarterly Meeting October 22, 2012

  • Meg Drew: President
  • Laurie Whorley: Secretary
  • Brenda Van Rosenbeck: President Elect
  • Jessica Dekan: CME / Special programs
  • Rachel Hansen: Program Director
  • Marlene Gresser: Treasurer
  • Michelle Lutchen: President ex-officio
  • Lisa Schuerman: CME/ Special Programs
  • Mary Schneider : CME/ Special Programs


  1. Membership Accountability: Noted continued problems with members signing up and not showing. It reflects poorly on the organization- as many sponsors still need to pay for no showers. Also, many times there are members on a wait list looking for attend. Looking for ways to track this. Always encouraging email if unable to attend. Current process- Rachel will send and automatic email if no show. Would like to keep as professional as possible- and encourage sense of accountability. Will update bylaws to include program policy.
  2. Dinner participation: Noted members working for Aurora are unable to attend industry sponsored programs. Option to come to programs w/out accepting dinner. The group is activity working on other programs, not sponsored by industry. These would be sponsored by MMNP.
  3. Special events- Jessica and team working on other events. Some would involve CME (working with AANP) . Others would focus on this being a networking event- short talk from NP member. On the survey- most would like education on CAD/CV, pediatrics, women’s health and dermatology. Tuesday and Thursdays worked the best. Also focus on general EDU (verses pharmacology focus). plan will be an event incorporating all items above in late winter/ spring.
  4. Information to members- minutes posted to website, option for newsletter format.
  5. Scholarships- officers will be reviewing essay’s submitted (blind review to author)- top 3 will earn a gift card to school book store.
  6. Preceptors- many students are looking for preceptors. Encourage members to sign up. May not need to be full semester preceptor- can be very short term, 1 day- up to even 2 weeks. Unsure if hours can be used for continuation of professional license hours (CME). Encourage all members to participate when able.
  7. Networking- Al’s Run- will continue to promote this as a networking event- also opportunity to give back to the community. Will promote this again in April/may. 2013 goal- 10 members signed up- then able to have free advertising for organization (MMNP).
  8. Next meeting- January 2013.