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Restrictive Dinners

Posted over 7 years ago by Megan Drew

Dear MMNP Members, 

It has been brought to my attention that some members were upset that they did not meet the "requirements" to attend a recent GI dinner program and were denied attendance to the event. I would like to clarify that this specific dinner was NOT an MMNP event.  This specific dinner (along with several others) are events that are being put on by sponsors for many different types of providers (NP's, MD's, PA's) and the invitations are passed along to MMNP out of courtesy. I post them to our website to give everyone the opportunity to attend if they meet the requirements. The sponsor of the dinner has the right to deny access if you do not meet the critieria for the event (i.e. work in a GI specialty) as they have to limit the number of attendees and they want to make sure that those who would benefit most from the topic are able to attend.

However, for the MMNP exclusive events, there are no requirements as far as specialty. Anyone is welcome to attend as long as the topic pertains to their practice. We do ask if it is something that you typically do not see or treat, that you give professional courtesy to other members to have the opportunity to attend who may gain more from the dinner. 

If you are unsure if an event is an MMNP event or not - read the entire invite. In the "Event Details" section the event will either be noted to be an MMNP exclusive event or a Non-MMNP event. Remember, to attend an MMNP exclusive event, you must be a current MMNP member.  But any practitioner may attend the non-MMNP event. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you,
Meg Drew, Program Chair, MMNP