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Nominations for the MMNP Board

Posted over 7 years ago by Wendy Edwards

Dear MMNP Members,

As President-Elect of the MMNP organization, I am officially calling for nominations for the MMNP Board. 
Please submit nominations for President-Elect & Secretary by 5/13/2011.

The term for President-Elect is one year and Secretary is two years.

All nominations must include a brief (one or two paragraph) biography about the nominee.

Please feel free to nominate yourself or a peer who is a member in good standing with the Association. I would like to strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to be involved in our organization.

Please email me your nomination and biography by May 13th. A final ballot will be distributed to all members via email on May 18th. The results of the election will be announced June 29th at the MMNP meeting.

Feel free to email me,, with any questions or concerns that you may have. Section 4.06. President-Elect. The President-Elect shall be a Director of the Association and will preside at meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of or request of the President. The President-Elect shall exercise the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President. If the President should die, resign, or be removed from office, the President-Elect shall succeed to the office of the President, completing the current term plus the next full term. The President-Elect shall establish a Nominations Committee and shall recommend nominations. The President-Elect shall perform other duties as requested and assigned by the President, subject to the control of the Board of Directors.

Section 4.07. Secretary. The Secretary shall be a Director of the Association and shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors in the books proper for that purpose. The Secretary will be responsible for posting the meeting minutes on the Association’s Web site. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the Association’s Web site current and acting as liaison with the Web master by disseminating information for the Web site. The Secretary shall be responsible for preparing ballots for elections.

You may want to consider current ANCC recertification guidelines reward 75 CEUs for holding office in a professional organization. Per the ANCC website:

“ANCC is transitioning to updated renewal requirements that will be fully in effect starting January 1, 2014.

All renewal applicants will be required to fulfill Category 1 (75 contact hours) as half of their professional development requirement. The other half may be fulfilled with any professional development category”

ANCC will no longer allow all 150 CEUs required for renewal to be in Category 1 alone. I invite and encourage all MMNP Members to consider running for a position on the MMNP Board.


Michelle Lutchen, APNP-FNP, BC
MMNP President-Elect
414- 640-2341