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MMNP Board Announcement: New Board Members

Posted almost 8 years ago by Wendy Edwards

Dear MMNP Members,

The MMNP Board transitional meeting for new board members occurred 9/22/2011.

We would like to thank you all for voting and are pleased to announce the current MMNP Board Members.

 President- Michelle Lutchen

 President-Elect – Megan Drew

 Program Chairperson – Rachel Hansen

 Secretary – Laurie Whorley

 Treasurer – Marlene Gresser

 We would like to whole heartedly thank Wendy Edwards, past President, and Jon Hoffmann, past Secretary, for their dedication and commitment to the MMNP Organization.


Going forward, all MMNP Board Members unanimously voted that MMNP dues will be paid through PayPal. Therefore, as of Jan 1, 2012, the payment system for MMNP dues will be paperless with all payment of dues processed electronically on the internet through PayPal which can be accessed on our website. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

 MMNP now has a Face Book page. Thank you, Megan Drew, our new President-Elect who took the initiative to set up the web page. Please feel free to join us on Face Book.



MMNP dues will be increasing to $30.00 as of June 30th, 2011. If you have not already renewed your membership, the Board would like to give you the opportunity to renew for the current rate of $25.00 prior to the June 30th dues increase.

The increase in membership dues is in line with the overall increase in cost of living and will help to support an increase in Student Scholarship and Grant Awards.

 Did you know that your membership dues assist the Nurse Practitioner Profession through:

  1. Grants awarded to MMNP members that are a part of a group or facility that provides NP-focused care to underserved populations in the Southeastern area?
  2. Scholarships to MMNP student members?

 What your dues are not used for:

  1. Board Member salaries. All Board members are volunteers and MMNP members in good standing.
  2. Website fees. Our MMNP Website is provided to us free of charge.