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Nominate yourself or someone else to become a board member/updates

Posted over 5 years ago by Brenda Van Roosenbeek

Please think about becoming a part of the board during this exciting time in MMNP! We are currently looking for people to fill the President Elect, Treasurer, and Program Chair positions. We are seeking organized, dedicated, committed, creative individuals with new ideas who want to become a board member. Please nominate yourself or someone else by July 1st. In order for us to be able to run this organization effectively, we need YOU. Criteria: Must be a full/active member. If interested, please email Brenda at

It was brought to my attention by a member that the Grant application wasn't opening. We are looking into this problem. It should be corrected very soon. Please check under Grant heading for updates. 

Please don't forget to renew your membership. Membership period is from June 1st 2013 to May 31st 2014. Thank you for your support!

Revised bylaws for 2013 will be added to the website. Active members will have 14 days from bylaw post date 6/21/13 to review bylaws and agree or disagree with content. Please send reply to Brenda at Only responses sent within the 14 day timeframe will be counted in order for bylaws to be passed or not. Bylaws will be reviewed every year in May-June and revised as needed.

Thanks, Brenda