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Board Nominations

Posted over 1 year ago by Jessica Dekan

Take a leadership role in your professional organization!

Nominations for the Metro Milwaukee Nurse Practitioners Association board are now open. Nominations will be accepted until August 15, 2020.

Open positions include: 

Continuing Education (CE) Committee (1 positions)


Program Chair

Refer to the attached MMNP Bylaws for the board position descriptions and responsibilities.

Please email your nomination to

Include the following in your nomination email:

1) Your name and contact information-email and telephone

2) The position you are nominating yourself for.

3) 1-page, single-spaced, biography, statement(s) of interest, and qualifications for the position. 

Newly elected officials will be announced at the annual members meeting. New officers are encouraged to be present at the annual meeting for an introduction. New officers assume their respective responsibilities following the annual meeting induction.

Please email with any questions.

Thank you,

Jessica Dekan

MMNP President-Elect