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Wisconsin Nurse Honor Guard

Posted over 1 year ago

The Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard is a statewide network of nurses who volunteer their time to honor their fallen colleagues of the nursing profession at the time of their funeral/memorial.

Service requests come from the family of the decreased, the funeral director, or clergy. The service is free of charge. The ceremony provided is approximately 8 minutes long.
WNHG date of inception was July of 2016, exponentially growing ever since.

To join our mission, visit:, click “get involved” and fill out the form.

Our education coordinator will review your application, send you our welcome packet to answer all of your questions, and will be in contact for the next steps (getting our logo embroidered on your uniform and scheduling training).

There are no dues. The only monetary commitment is purchasing the uniform and providing your travel time and gas to attend the services. When performing the ceremony, we do not attend the entire funeral service. We usually arrive 30 minutes before we go on and leave within 15 minutes or so of beginning (total stay time of 45-60 minutes on average).

Facebook we have 2 pages:
#1) Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard – “Members page” (for all nursing members)
#2) Wisconsin Nurses Honor Guard – for all community followers.

We welcome and honor all Wisconsin licensed nurses from LPN to Doctorate (with a license that is in good standing), please consider joining our mission!

To see a little bit of who we are and what we do, please watch our CBS 58 special:

~Love and Honor in Nursing~