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NP volunteers needed

Posted almost 6 years ago by Megan Drew

The Milwaukee area FC3 (Free and Community Clinics Collaborative) is interested in developing a new “NP-Run” free clinic and is looking for Nurse practitioner volunteers to develop and operate the clinic.  The purpose of the clinic is to provide health care to the underserved and also teach nurse practitioner students.  FC3 currently sponsors once such clinic that has been very successful and we would like to replicate the model.  If there are any NPs who are interested in hearing more about this project, please contact:

Chris Shaw FNP, ANP

FC3 is in the process of writing grant proposals for our second yr of funding for the first clinic and expansion of a second one.  If funding comes through, there may be a possibility of a paid position in the second clinic.


Barbara Brown over 5 years ago

This is Barb Brown. I'm interested, but don't have a lot of time. Contact me at Let me know what develops.

Lakeesha Robinson over 5 years ago

My name is Lakeesha Robinson. I am interested in the clinic also. Please email me with details.

Rosalyn McFarland over 5 years ago


My name is Rosalyn Robinson. I think this is an excellent opportunity for NPs to shine. I am interested in the NP run clinic. Please email me at with more information.

Rita Gilpatrick over 5 years ago

My name is Rita Gilpatrick , very interested in this opportunity.
Please forward information to:

Megan Reid over 5 years ago

Hello. I would be very interested in helping wherever I may be able to. I am currently a NP student, but have experience volunteering at a free clinic in my area. Please email with info.

Katie Du Bois over 5 years ago

I am a FNP and would be interested in learning more about this! I have worked in a free clinic before and think this is a fabulous oppourtunity to not only help the community but also advocate for NP's. Please email me at

Jennifer Liska over 5 years ago

My name is Jennifer Liska. I'm geriatrics prepared, long term care focus. Limited time (as is true with us all) but would love to help! (

Marie Tamanji about 5 years ago

I would love to help out when ever I can. I am currently FNP student and I did my clinical in this particular clinic when I was at Marquette University. Dr. Chris Shaw is doing an amazing Job!! Please email me at

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